Web Development

Tools & Plugins

Responsive Template
This template is to be used as a starting point for developing responsive web designs. This is for front end developers who have a good understanding of how to build a site, and just prefer a starting point. Resize the demo on a computer to see the nav change, or just check it out on your mobile device. Demo Docs/Download
Responsive Tables
A small plugin that detects when a table is about to break your layout. The table is then replaced with a link to view the table externally. Demo Docs/Download
A jQuery plugin to zoom inline images from where they are in the page to a full-size view and back again. Demo Grab from Github
A responsive slideshow with beautiful effects and plenty of settings. Demo Grab from Github
A responsive lightbox clone with unique effects. Demo Grab from Github
A simple, lightweight, and responsive jQuery product image viewer. Demo Grab from Github
Golden Ratio Calculator
Need to figure out a height & width that are pleasing to the eye? Try this calculator. Demo
Parallax Demo
A quick demo of a jQuery parallax effect similar to iOS7. It works with a computer mouse, or a mobile device's gyroscope. (This page is my 404 error page.) Demo

Referrence / WIP

Time/Decimal Calc
Calculate decimal time from hours minutes and seconds and find the difference between two times. Demo
Persistant Nav
Add a fixed nav bar after you've scrolled past a certain element. Demo
Resp. Modal IMG
Vertical & Horizontal responsive image in a modal box. Demo
Color another element based on which nav item you moused over. Demo
Simple Horizontal Slider
Horizontal Slider that can work in a responsive design. Has next/prev buttons and detects if there aren't enough items to require autoplaying. Demo
jQuery Select
Custom select menu using jQuery. (useful for styling) Demo
Centered Carousel
A full width centered carousel Demo